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In my early adult life, I always said I will be Jewish when this happens, always pushing it off and not really knowing how to fit it in… first I said we would join a temple and celebrate shabbat when we got married… after I said we would do it after we had kids…. It wasn’t until my husband and I moved back home to plant our roots, was I ready to start traditions. I wanted to make an event out of it and buy items for our Jewish home, however there wasn’t that experience to be had and a lot of the items that were sold didn’t fit the style of our home and a lot of them were “I think we could make this work” or well “this isn’t that bad”.


Shopping for Judaica and creating a Jewish home should be a wonderful experience and Starts At Sundown helps sift through all that is out there and removes the overwhelming factor. All products have been personally selected and provide the enjoyable shopping experience that we all crave.


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